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Zirconia Crowns in Turkey

Brief info to zirconia crown procedure




Is it worth it?

Often considered a valuable investment for dental health.

Procedure time

Typically requires a few hours to complete.

Results permanence

Usually lasts between 10-15 years with proper dental care.

Pain level

Pain is minimal, managed with local anesthesia.


There's no scarring since it's a non-surgical dental method.

Driving after treatment

Rest is recommended, but driving is feasible if needed.

Flying after treatment

Safe to travel by air a couple of days post-procedure.

Return to work

Most people are able to resume work the next day.

Seriousness of the surgery

It's a routine, straightforward dental procedure.

Time for final results

Immediate results, with complete adjustment in a few weeks.

Anesthesia type

Local anesthesia is commonly used.

Trust in Turkish dentists

Renowned for their dental expertise and professionalism.

Treatment duration

The overall process takes a few days; installation is hours.


Designed to be a permanent fixture, not meant to be removed.

Success rate

High success rates, typically over 90%.

Sleeping post-treatment

Sleep is generally unaffected, with slight precautions.

Warranty or guarantee?

Varies by clinic; specific details should be inquired.

Suitable age

Suitable for a broad range of adult ages.

Exercise after treatment

Advisable to stick to gentle activities at first.

Showering after treatment

No issues with showering right after the procedure.

Safety in Turkey

Established dental clinics maintain high safety standards.

Cost comparison

Generally more cost-effective compared to many areas.

What are zirconia crowns?

Zirconia crowns turkey is a populat treatmen in cosmetic dentistry because they provide an optimal combination of strength and aesthetics.

Zirconia crown procedure is performed by Turkish dentists known for their skills in making and fitting these teeth restorations. The treatment plan, geared towards achieving a Hollywood smile, often consists in providing zirconia crowns by many Turkish dental clinics. Interested patients have easy access to online zirconia crown Turkey reviews and photos which demonstrate the stunning results achieved in both dental appearance and functionality. It entails precision contouring of the tooth, followed by the fitting of a high-quality zirconia crown that preserves its strength and mimics a natural appearance. Such crowns represent an important breakthrough in dental health, presenting a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution. Zirconia crowns are the advanced treatment option for people wishing to improve their smile under modern dentistry.

In which case can zirconia crowns be applied in Turkey?

Candidates for zirconia crowns

Fractured teeth

Stained teeth

Crooked teeth

Fragile teeth

Failed dental crowns

Cosmetic enhancement

There are several cases in Turkey where zirconium crowns can be applied to improve dental care and satisfy the need of restored oral health. They are a perfect option for the tooth loss even if it results from decay, trauma or wear. Besides, discolored teeth that cannot be corrected with conventional whitening techniques can also be effectively concealed under zirconium crowns in order to achieve a uniform and appealing colour. Zirconium crowns can also serve as an effective alternative solution in cases of misaligned teeth where orthodontic solutions may not be appropriate or preferred to create a more aligned and desirable smile. Moreover, zirconium crowns are commonly used as a material of choice when building a dental bridge to fill the gap created due to loss of tooth. It is this versatility of uses that makes zirconium crowns a more popular and preferred choice in the field of cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Turkey.

Advantages of zirconia crowns & reasons to get a zirconia crown

Zirconia crowns has some advantages as given below.

  • Zirconia crowns are long lasting materials.
  • They look like real teeth; they have a natural appearance.
  • These crown has no risk of allergy.
  • Zirconia crown Turkey is resistant to stain.
  • They are specifically tailored to a custom-fit in every individual circumstance.
  • As they are free of metal, they can be used for patients with metal allergy.
  • The material is ideal for chewing forces strength.
  • Fixes dental crown on front teeth
  • Zirconia crowns remove less of natural tooth structure.
  • They often live longer than other crown types.

How to prepare for zirconium veneers treatment?

Before the zirconia crown treatment, you need to have a thorough consultation with your dentist in turkey to understand and ensure that your dental health is conducive. It is usually followed by a complete dental cleaning, which allows the preparation of your teeth and gums for the process. Your turkish dentist might also request some dental X-rays or scans to help with the exact planning and designing of the crown. The dental treatment may be affected by the presence of any medical conditions and medications taken by a patient; therefore, these should also be noted. Additionally, note any dietary or oral hygiene advice provided by your dentist before the surgery.

Zirconia crown procedure

Some important steps of zirconia crowns turkey procedure are as shown below.

  • Dental examination is done to determine dental health
  • The mold is shaped carefully to create a proper foundation for the crown
  • For crown fabrication, an impression of the prepared tooth and its adjacent teeth is made.
  • A temporary crown is restored on the tooth to protect it during the preparation of a permanent one.
  • The patient and dentist in turkey choose the right shade for zirconia crown to make sure that it blends well with natural teeth.
  • The crown is carefully made with a dental sample observance.
  • The trial fitting is done to test the fit and comfort of the newly made crown.
  • Any adjustments that are necessary are made to the crown. This ensures that it is a perfect fit.
  • The zirconia crown is permanently cemented onto the tooth.
  • The surface of the crown is buffed to ensure it does not stand out from other natural teeth.

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Care after zirconia crown procedure

Zirconia crown maintenance is necessary for its proper functioning and longevity. With reference to the daily practice, brushing teeth at least two times a day and flossing must be also practiced on regular basis in order to prevent plaque accumulation around crown. It is recommended to choose a brush with soft bristles and the mild formula of toothpaste in order not to remove the crown’s surface. They should also pay attention to their dieting, and do not eat something hard, sticky and chewy because it can damage the crown. One should also pay attention to one’s diet, avoiding food that is hard, sticky and chewy as it may damage the crown. Professional dental cleaning and crown condition monitoring should require regular dental check-ups. In case you feel uncomfortable or swollen and discover any alterations on the crown or surrounding teeth, seek medical assistance immediately. They can give directions and change the crown if needed.

How much does zirconia crown cost in Turkey?


Average zirconia crowns cost


Zirconia crown cost in Turkey

$300 - $700

The affordability of zirconia crowns in Turkey is attributed with the lower operating expenses of turkish dental clinics and the advantageous exchange rates.

Zirconia crown Cost in UK

$800 - $1,500

In the UK, the higher zirconia crowns prices is due to greater clinic operational expenses. The convenience and reliability of local services often outweigh these higher costs.

Zirconia crown cost in Europe

$600 - $1,200

The price range for zirconia crowns in Europe is influenced by various national economic factors and healthcare system models, generally falling between the costs in Turkey and the UK.

Does zirconia crowns treatment hurt?

No, usually people do not experience pain after receiving a zirconia crown as they are anesthetized using special medicine that numbs the feeling of pain.

After that, it is normal to be a little sore or tender. This is usually well-controlled with simple over-the-counter pain medication from local pharmacies. In case of any persistent or severe pain following that, the patient should contact their dentist immediately for proper care and treatment protocols.

How long do zirconia crowns last?

Zirconia crowns last more than 15 years with carefully maintained good hygiene.

If you take care of them properly, they may survive more than that. Maintaining their health requires frequent visits to the dental office, good mouth cleaning habits and avoiding harmful behaviors such as biting on one’s teeth. We have been employing zirconia crowns for a considerable time because of its strength, they wear down slowly and very difficult to break. People who take care of their teeth and follow their dentist’s instruction can enjoy the advantages of zirconia crowns for more than ten years.

Are zirconia crowns treatment worth it?

Yes, zirconia crowns are definitely worth it.

In fact, many patients benefit from the use of zirconia crown treatments. These crowns are prized for their exceptional strength, natural look and ability to preserve much of the original tooth when fitted. Further, their wear resistance means they are durable and effective in dental restorations. It is often a present decision for those who want to find a long-lasting and look replacing option that will make them smile.

Are zirconia crowns procedure safe in Turkey?

Yes, of course, the safety of zirconia crown treatments in Turkey is generally guaranteed because of various reasons.

Turkish dental clinics operate according to strict international standards, which include the use of high-quality materials in conjunction with strict sterilization practices. The safety factor of the usage of zirconia crown procedure by Turkish dentists with high professional level and modern clinics equipped with advanced technology is also supported.

How long does it take to make a zirconia crown in Turkey?

Zirconia crown procedure typically includes approximately 5-7 days of the full span from impression taking up to the final fitting.

This period includes planning, manufacture, and fitting after the crown has been tested in high-tech dental labs. This swift method ensures that patients get their zirconia crowns precisely made in a short amount of time, ensuring a hassle-free and delightful dental experience.

Zirconia crown before and after photos

Viewing zirconia crown before and after photos allows having a clear vision of the potential outcomes, which gives you an idea about skills and creativity of the dentist. These images play an essential role in the evaluation of how well the crowns resemble normal teeth in appearance, occlusion, and beauty. By discussing these images, you can make a good decision by selecting one dentist who embraces your vision and delivers the results that you want.

What are types of zirconia crowns?

Various zirconia crowns are produced, each of which is designed for unique tooth care needs. The first type is the strong zirconia crown that features much power in lasting quality. This is why it is ideal for the back teeth, which require constant chewing. The second type is the layered zirconia crown. It has a more natural appearance with the layering and is suited for front teeth. The third variety is high translucency zirconia crown that gives the best look like natural tooth surface. It works well for visible spots. Lastly, the zirconia crown with numerous layers is a union of power and elegance. Its layers provide its strength and a real lasting look.

What is the success rate of zirconia crown treatment?

The zirconia crown treatments are above 95% success rate known for its durability and customer satisfaction level.

Those who opt for zirconia crowns tend to revel in long lasting results and excellent dental aesthetics. This is assisted immensely by the resilience of the material, its natural look, and how well it blends in with adjacent teeth

What type of anesthesia is used for zirconia crown procedure?

In zirconia crown placements, local anesthesia is given to reduce the pain of the patient.

And this anesthetic provides the target site with effective de-feeling so that the patient receives painless dental operations. During the surgery patients are usually awake and interactive; after the procedure, however, anesthesia quickly stops working.

How soon can I fly after zirconia crown treatment?

Usually, going onto a flight after the zirconia crown treatment should be possible from 1-2 days and rarely impacts your ability to fly.

While the treatment does not mostly restrict travel by air, it is best to allow a brief extra recovery in case of any minor swelling or discomfort. This additional time can enable one to have a comfortable and hassle free flight.

What should I eat after zirconia crown treatment?

If you are going to get a zirconia crown, make sure to consume foods that doesn’t damage your teeth. Really good choices are soft foods such as oatmeal, applesauce and well-cooked vegetables. You should also consider healthy sources of protein such as tofu or white fish. They are also wholesome and digestible. If your gums are sensitive, cold things like ice cream or smoothies can be quite pleasant. Soon after the treatment, it is advisable that you avoid eating tough, crispy or sticky foods as they may lead to pain or harm of your newly fixed cap.

Why should you get zirconium crowns in Turkey?

Turkey is frequently one of the popular countries chosen by many people when they undergo Zirconia crown treatments due to several important reasons. In general, zirconia crowns in Turkey are generally less expensive than most other countries. This means that in order to get quality products, you do not have to sacrifice your savings. Turkish dental clinics are known for following international standards, state-of-the-art services and the best technologies. It is easy to see that the doctors in Turkey are very professional and experienced. They are particularly good at improving the appearance of teeth by using zirconia crowns. Further, the country’s dental trips usually contain extra benefits such as lodgings, transports and sometimes even a visit of local attractions. This means that it is ideal for your health concerns and a cultural enlightening tool. Finally, short waiting times and recovery periods enabled people to enjoy their vacation in Turkey with an excellent dental treatment.