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E-MAX Veneers in Turkey

Brief info about emax veneers

Brief info about emax veneers



Procedure Time

Emax veneers in Turkey usually require 3 or 4 visits, the first visit takes about 2 hours, the rest of the visits last about 30 minutes.

Feeling Pain?

Most patients report minimal to no discomfort, thanks to local anesthesia during the procedure.

Safe in Turkey?

Yes, Emax veneers in Turkey are safe when done by certified and skilled dental practitioners.

Warranty or Guarantee?

Warranty or guarantee policies differ among dental clinics in Turkey, but many provide some level of assurance.

Natural Looking?

Absolutely, Emax veneers are well-known for their natural look and aesthetic appeal.

Worth it?

Emax veneers are generally seen as a valuable investment for their long-lasting quality and cosmetic benefits.

Success Rate?

The success rate for Emax veneers is quite high, particularly with experienced Turkish dentists.


No, Emax veneers are permanently fixed and cannot be removed.

Suitable Age Range?

Emax veneers are mostly recommended for adults, though individual dental conditions vary.

Return to Work?

Patients can usually return to work the following day after the procedure.


For specific inquiries, it's advisable to directly contact Dentapoint Dental Clinic for personalized information.

What are emax veneers & empress veneers?

EMAX veneers and Empress veneers are cosmetic procedures and widely used to improve the appearance of teeth. To perfect your smile, try EMAX crowns or Empress Cosmetic Veneers. EMAX crowns are a popular choice thanks to their lasting durability. They are also excellent for front teeth because they provide a natural appearance that harmonizes with your smile. The emax tooth crown is especially acclaimed for enduring daily tooth functions while still looking natural. Additionally, zirconia emax crowns merge the robustness of zirconia with the aesthetic allure of EMAX, creating a blend of strength and beauty. Choosing between EMAX crowns for your back teeth or Empress veneers for an ideal front-tooth appearance, both options significantly boost dental health and beauty.

Who is good candidate for emax veneers?

  • Individuals with stained or discolored teeth.
  • Those with minor tooth misalignments.
  • People with chipped, broken or missing teeth
  • Anyone seeking a durable and long-lasting dental solution.
  • Patients desiring a natural-looking tooth restoration.
  • Individuals with sufficient healthy tooth enamel.
  • Individuals without significant tooth decay or gum disease.
  • Those who do not have habits like teeth grinding, which may damage veneers.
  • Persons seeking a quick cosmetic fix with minimal tooth alteration.
  • Individuals committed to maintaining good oral hygiene post-procedure.

Emax veneers and crowns in Turkey

Regarding EMAX veneers and crowns, Turkey has emerged as a popular destination for those seeking dental procedures abroad. Known for its affordable dental services, EMAX veneers in Turkey is an attractive option for patients looking into solutions with EMAX. The country's skilled cosmetic dentists are adept at utilizing EMAX technology, delivering natural-looking and impressive smiles. Additionally, the opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of Turkey enhances its charm as a prime location for people in search of EMAX veneers and crowns.

What are the benefits of EMAX veneers?

Benefits of EMAX Veneers

Natural appearance

Long-lasting strength

Improved smile aesthetics

Reduction of tooth gaps

The benefits of EMAX veneers show that their influence in cosmetic dentistry is enormous. The veneers provide more than just oral improvement, as they come with a wide range of benefits that go way beyond the quality of the smile.

  • EMAX veneers are superior in mimicking the natural appearance of teeth.
  • They are distinguished for their longevity, which is much higher than many contemporary veneers.
  • They are less prone to stain compared to other materials.
  • This veneer is biocompatible and poses no risk to your natural oral tissues.
  • They are an effective restorative treatment option.
  • They require minimal removal of the original tooth structure.
  • Customizable in shape and color to flawlessly match your teeth.
  • Ideal for fixing issues like chips, spaces between teeth, and discoloration.
  • With the right care, EMAX veneers can maintain their quality for a long time.

How to prepare for EMAX veneers procedure

Some steps for preparing to EMAX veeers treatment are as shown below. :

  • Meet with a your dentist and make consultation
  • Get a full dental check-up.
  • Discuss your aesthetic goals.
  • Clean and floss teeth thoroughly.
  • Address any existing oral health issues.
  • Take pre-procedure dental X-rays.
  • Match veneer color to natural teeth.
  • Avoid teeth-staining foods and drinks.
  • Schedule time for recovery post-procedure

Emax veneers procedure

Embarking on the journey of EMAX veneer procedure involves a multi-step adventure to guarantee optimal outcomes. Here's a glimpse into the dynamic process of acquiring these exceptional veneers:

  • Initiate the journey by discussing your dental aspirations and assessing your compatibility with EMAX veneers.
  • Develop a customized strategy for your veneer application.
  • Select a hue that seamlessly blends with your natural teeth.
  • Gently modify the teeth to accommodate the thickness of EMAX veneers, preparing them for application.
  • Capture precise impressions of your teeth to craft the veneers with exactness.
  • Wear provisional veneers while your permanent fixtures are being crafted.
  • Fabricate your personalized EMAX veneers in a specialized dental laboratory.
  • Evaluate the fit and aesthetics of the veneers, making adjustments as needed.
  • Secure the EMAX veneers permanently onto your teeth.
  • Conduct meticulous adjustments to ensure comfort and visual appeal.
  • Arrange a subsequent appointment to confirm perfection in your new smile.

Why is Turkey popular for EMAX veneer procedure?

It is a desirable place for Emax veneers treatment because of the combination of reasonable prices, advanced dental clinics and professional dentists. The country offers:

  • Low cost but high quality veneer treatments.
  • Modern dental clinics with the most advanced technologies are found in Turkey.
  • The dentists in Turkey possess a wealth of skill and experience.
  • There's a focus on utilizing cutting-edge dental technologies.
  • Visitors can benefit from inclusive packages that combine dental care with tourism.
  • Getting an appointment is usually quick, with minimal waiting times.
  • Many of the dentists in Turkey are proficient in English, thus provide easy communication.
  • Patients often report high satisfaction with their dental experiences in Turkey.
  • Besides dental services, Turkey is also celebrated for its tourism appeal.
  • The country offers an easy visa process for international visitors.
  • It presents a chance of acquiring knowledge about Turkey’s diverse history and culture.

How much are emax veneers in Turkey?


Approximate cost of emax veneers


Turkey emax veneers cost

$250 - $400 per tooth

The cost in Turkey is attractive, often included in comprehensive dental packages.

UK emax veneers price

$800 - $1200 per tooth

Elevated costs in the UK are due to various economic and operational factors.


$500 - $800 per tooth

In Europe, costs fluctuate by country; more than Turkey but less than the UK, with variations across different nations.

Numerous dental clinics in Turkey provide packages for EMAX veneers, which encompass much more than just the veneer procedure. These packages often include additional perks like hotel accommodations, airport transfers, and city tours, making them particularly appealing and convenient for international patients. The combination of lower cost, high-quality treatment, and the opportunity for a mini-vacation turns Turkey into a highly attractive destination for those seeking dental tourism.

How long do emax veneers last?

Emax veneers lifespan typically extends between 5 to 10 years under standard conditions.

EMAX full veneers life-sapn is influenced by various factors, including the dentist's skill level and the veneer quality. Habits are also important; patients should avoid biting into hard objects or using their teeth for non-food purposes such as opening packages. Frequent dental check-ups are also significant as early detection and treatment of any problems preserve the Emax veneers for a longer time.

Is EMAX veneer procedure painful?

No, the emax veneer treatment is, in general, not linked to pain. 

The treatment process is almost entirely painless, with patients receiving local anesthesia beforehand to numb the area so that no discomfort is felt during the treatment. Therefore, the majority of patients do not feel pain when having this procedure. Post procedure, one is prone to experience slight sensitivity or mild pain after anesthesia wears off. However, this mild pain is controlled by regular analgesics such as aspirin or Tylenol. If, however, discomfort is felt during the procedure, your dentist should be alerted promptly so as to allow a change in their technique in order to ensure comfort.

Are EMAX veneers worth it?

Emax veneers are truly an excellent option in the many ways and worth it.

Here's why they are considered beneficial:

  • They resemble natural teeth.
  • They are stain-resistant, retaining their look as time goes by.
  • It has a low level of tooth alteration.
  • Emax veneers provide lasting results.
  • They can be specially designed to fit your natural tooth color.

Their similarity to biological teeth and their durability make them the frontrunner in aesthetic dentistry. Additionally, the their stain-resistant properties and color customisation further ensure that our treatment results do not just last long, but also look good and blend in with natural teeth.

Do EMAX veneers look natural?

Yes, EMAX veneers look natural.

This is primarily because the ceramic material used in its production closely resembles the translucency and gloss of natural tooth enamels. EMAX veneers reflect light similarly to the natural teeth, giving a smile that is astonishingly like real. All veneers are individually crafted to capture the color of surrounding teeth, and therefore blend into your smile perfectly. Moreover, the thinness of EMAX veneers plays an important role in their natural appearance; when applied they do not look bulky or fake. All these respectively facilitate the establishment of EMAX veneers as one of the most realistic options in cosmetic dentistry currently.

EMAX veneers vs zirconia

Zirconia veneers are known for their solidity, which makes them perfect for the back teeth that have more chewing wear. In contrast, Emax and other Lithium disilicate ceramic veneers are valued for their remarkable transparency and beauty. They also closely mimic the natural translucency of tooth enamel. Nevertheless, zirconium veneers are resistant to wear, which makes them better suited for areas with high load pressure. Front teeth are usually given Emax veneers because they are more aesthetic than other types. Finally, the choice of Zirconium or Emax veneers lies in patients’ individual needs and preferred aesthetics.

When can I resume my Daily routine after emax veneers procedure?

Generally speaking, after the Emax veneers procedure is completed, you can resume your daily life within one day. 

However, it is important to be careful and avoid any activities that may influence your mouth and face during the first few days after the operation. For those people who participate in the sport or physical activities where a chance of contact exists, it is advisable to use mouth guard to protect one’s new veneers. Always follow the instructions given to you by your dentist because healing times will vary due to individual factors and the volume of dental services.

What should I ask to dentist before emax veneers procedure?

Before getting Emax veneers, consider asking your dentist these questions:

  • How long will the veneers last?
  • What risks are involved?
  • What will the veneers look like?
  • What are the aftercare practices for the veneers?
  • Are there any alternatives to Emax veneers?
  • How many visits will the procedure require?
  • What is the total cost?
  • Is anesthesia required?
  • How can I manage sensitivity after the procedure?

How soon can I shower after EMAX veneers treatment?

Showering can be resumed normally following your Emax veneers treatment, as this dental procedure doesn't restrict such activities.

There are no limitations related to showering post-treatment. Nevertheless, adhering to any particular guidelines your dentist gives about dental care or dietary habits after the procedure is crucial.

Can EMAX veneers cause speech problems?

In some cases, patients may initially experience minor speech alterations with EMAX veneers, but this tends to be a temporary issue.

Particularly when placed on the front teeth, Emax veneers can affect the way certain sounds are articulated. As your mouth and tongue adapt to the veneers' new shape, you might notice a temporary change in your speech. Most people acclimate to these changes within a week or two. However, if speech difficulties persist or if the veneers cause gum irritation, it's important to consult your dentist promptly. The dentist can check the fit of the veneers and make any necessary adjustments to ensure comfort and restore normal speech.

What is the success rate of EMAX veneers?

Recent research and practice over the past decade has demonstrated that the success of Emax veneers are usually better than 90%. 

The success rate is mostly due to the strength and quality of the material, durability, as well as its great looks. Nevertheless, the reality can vary significantly depending on factors such as skills of the dentist or compliance with oral care and treatment instructions by a patient. Dental visits every few months and proper maintenance are vital to extending the life of Emax veneers.

What are the side effects of a EMAX veneers?

After the procedure, it's common for some people to encounter brief issues like tooth sensitivity, discomfort in the gums, or slight alterations in speech. In addition, malpractice or overuse can cause damage to the veneer. Therefore, it is advisable to notify the dentist about any discomfort or concerns you may have and request advice that will aid in optimizing your veneer experience.

Are EMAX veneers safe in Turkey?

Yes, EMAX veneers in Turkey are safe as long as you choose a reliable and competent dental clinic.

Today, Turkey has a good image when it comes to the dentists who live in the country and they are specialists in many procedures such as Emax veneers. In order to guarantee security, do some research, read reviews and find a qualified dentist or dental clinic that complies with international standards in terms of treatment and hygiene. Additionally, voicing your concerns and demands when talking to the selected dentist will add another layer of security that you receive full safety and success with your Emax veneers procedure in Turkey.