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Invisalign Orthodontics With Transparent Aligners

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, we can mention transparent aligners as the latest advancement in technology. With transparent aligners, no one around you will notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. It does not affect your daily life, and you won't experience the challenges posed by traditional braces, such as difficulty in brushing or dietary restrictions.


To determine if you are suitable for orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners, you need to consult an orthodontic specialist. While transparent aligners can be easily applied in cases of mild to moderate teeth misalignment, they may not be suitable for severe misalignments. In cases of intense misalignments, tooth extraction can be performed to create space. Transparent aligner treatment can sometimes be performed in conjunction with tooth extraction. Consultation with your doctor is required for this.

After it is determined that transparent aligners are suitable for you, detailed measurements of your teeth and professional photographs are taken first. These records are then sent to laboratories abroad or in-country, where the aligners are produced. After transferring your teeth's records to a 3D environment in the laboratory, a 3D simulation is obtained, allowing you to see how your teeth will be aligned. Subsequently, transparent aligners that will gradually straighten your teeth are produced. The number of aligners varies based on the severity of your teeth misalignment. Each aligner has a number, and once an aligner completes its task, you move on to the next one. Aligner changes are generally done weekly.

To ensure your treatment progresses smoothly, you need to wear your transparent aligners for at least 20 hours a day. If an aligner is not used correctly before moving on to the next one, unwanted tooth movements, slowed tooth movements, or problems with aligners fitting properly may occur.

Transparent aligners are made of thermoplastic material and do not contain the BPA substance banned by the European Union and the FDA.

In orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners, unlike treatment with braces, there are no strict rules about solid foods. However, attention should be paid to foods that can cause staining and hot beverages. Drinks and foods such as cherry juice, wine, curry sauce, mustard sauce, cigarettes, cigars, coffee, and tea can cause discoloration of the aligners. However, since you change your aligners every two weeks, this discoloration is minimal. Also, when consuming hot beverages, you need to remove your aligners to maintain their shape. To minimize these discolorations, it is recommended to clean your aligners daily with a toothbrush under lukewarm water without toothpaste.

The duration of orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners may be shorter or longer than treatment with braces depending on the case. In cases where more tooth movement is required, the treatment duration may be extended, while adhering to the treatment rules by the patient can shorten this duration. Invisalign treatment with transparent aligners is available at Dentapoint Karşıyaka clinics in Izmir.

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