Incognito (Lingual Orthodontics)


With Incognito, Hide your Braces Behind Your Teeth!

In Incognito, a customized lingual orthodontic treatment, the braces are placed behind your teeth and your teeth are re-aligned with these braces without anyone noticing.



What is Incognito?

Incognito is a customized (lingual) brace system manufactured by 3M with which the braces are placed behind the teeth. Therefore, it is a lingual orthodontic system.


Can it be applied to everyone?

Incognito (lingual orthodontics) is a treatment method that can be applied to everyone.  People who pay extra attention to their aesthetic appearances such as business people, artists, models, and athletes mostly prefer it. It can be applied to almost all cases.

For an in deep examination, please call us for an appointment.


How is it customised?

The 3D impression of your teeth is taken and is transferred to the virtual environment. All lingual braces are designed to conform to the shape of your teeth. As they are custom-prepared for the shape and form of each tooth, they take up the minimum amount of space. In addition, the archwires are embowed with the help of a computer system beforehand and sent to your orthodontist.



Is the Incognito treatment period longer than orthodontic treatment with conventional braces?

The treatment period with lingual orthodontics may be longer than orthodontic treatment with conventional braces. However, because they are behind your teeth, no one will notice that you are receiving orthodontic treatment.

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