Dental Laser


The dental lasers are one of the most important devices used in dentistry in recent years. The laser created by putting the photons that form the light in order and making them more powerful. The laser light is not different from an ordinary light, only, as it passes through certain processes, the energy that the photons have more easily routed.

The laser used in dentistry in numerous areas such as cutting, blood coagulation, gum disinfection, disinfection of the root canal, tooth bleaching and gum surgeries. Among the advantages of laser, there are its being easy to use, no requirement for general anaesthesia in some cases, its quiet operation and the fast tissue healing.

The laser devices have a few different categories depending on the light intensity they apply. Our lasers used for sterilization more. The prevention of microbial formations in the gum pockets in root canal treatments is much easier by this method. The diode lasers are used in similar situations.

The erbium lasers used mostly to clean the rotten tissue. The working depth of this laser is low and there is no risk of damage to intact tooth enamel. In addition, the CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser used to make an incision in the soft tissue almost like a scalpel.

This device is mostly preferred in surgical procedures, cyst treatments and implant surgeries. Moreover, the newly developed KTP lasers are more usable in dental bleaching.


What you must consider during laser use is the selection of the laser appropriate for the treatment. The dentist who will make this application should undergo a special training and gain experience in various applications.

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