Toothache refers to pain that occurs around the teeth and jaws.

One can experience pain from the surrounding gums or soft tissues.


This pain can range from mild to severe and can be felt in many ways, from a short sharp pain to a prolonged throbbing dull ache.*

It can become worse when eating or drinking, especially if the food or drink is particularly hot or cold.

There can be various causes for toothache, such as:

Tooth decay

Cracked or damaged teeth or filling

Teeth that are actively being moved during orthodontic treatment

Partially erupted teeth that are covered by inflamed gum


A dental abscess

There are some steps you could take while you are waiting for your appointment, to try to ease the discomfort, such as:

Taking painkillers like Ibuprofen or Paracetamol you can get advice from your local pharmacist

Using salt water to rinse your mouth although this is not advised for children

Applying a pain relieving mouth gel to affected area can be purchased from pharmacies or supermarkets

Consuming softer foods, like scrambled egg or yoghurt

Avoiding eating on the painful tooth

Avoiding foods that are particularly hot or cold

Using wax on your orthodontic brace if it is rubbing on the gum, lips or cheeks


An examination from your dentist will be able to diagnose the reason for your toothache or discomfort and devise a treatment plan to rectify the problem.

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