Digital Smile Design


‘You won't stop smiling’


With cosmetic and restorative dentistry reaching a breath-taking momentum, DentaPoint Clinics are delighted to be able to offer DSD (Digital Smile Design).


Misalignment, chipping, and displacement are all issues that affect our smile. DSD allows you to choose your smile and see the proposed solution and results before any work commences.

Thereafter, a sequence of appointments will deliver the result we promised and you desired.


There are a number of steps to the Digital Design process:

Enhanced Digital Photography

You may have taught yourself to smile in a ‘guarded’ manner if you do not like your smile. It is so important in life that you can express yourself without feeling self-conscious, as studies have shown that there is a link between an unwillingness to smile and conditions like depression. We will put you at ease! The beginning of designing your smile starts with great photos of you as you are now.


Video Analysis.

Studies have shown that lip movements in natural speech are very different to those in a posed smile. We often do not see ourselves as others do so a short video clip helps us to see how your smile relates to your face in normal speech.


Smile Design Analysis.

We need as much input from you as you desire to give us. Designing changes to your smile, we begin with the end in mind. We then combine that with how you are now, and all the wonders of modern dentistry to find a solution that works from an appearance point of view, as well as biology, health and function. This is then translated to our team of ceramists, dental technicians and specialists who can advise on all aspects as required and contribute to the blueprint of your smile.


Test Drive

Let us you (and us) preview how your final smile will be. Decisions could be made about tooth length, shape, colour etc.


Final preparation designs

The advantage of the Digital Smile Design is predictability when it comes to the result, whether we are using bonding, porcelain veneers, dental implants or other treatments. Captured with photography and video – but this time you will not stop smiling.

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